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Xinyi Dong

Ph.D student
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


  • Postdoc (in progress): 2016 - now
    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Advisor: Dr. Joshua Fu (

  • Ph.D.: 2010 - 2015
    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Major: Civil Engineering
    Thesis: Assessment of Biomass Burning and Mineral Dust Impacts on Air Quality and Regional Climate
    Advisor: Dr. Joshua Fu (

  • M.S.: 2006 - 2008
    State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS), Wuhan Univ.
    Major: Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
    Thesis: Algorithms Study for Cloud Detection and Cloud Classification with FY-2C Data.
    Advisor: Prof. Deren Li & Prof. Liangming Liu

  • B.A.: 2002 - 2006
    Department of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan Univ.
    Major: Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
    Thesis: Comparison between Second Simulation of a Satellite Signal in the Solar Spectrum (6S) and SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS)

  • Peer Reviewed Publication

  • Dong X., Li J., Fu J.S., Gao Y., Huang K., Zhuang G.S., Inorganic aerosols responses to emission changes in Yangtze River Delta, China, Science of the Total Environment, 481(2014): 522-532.

  • Buonocore J.J. Dong X., Spengler D.J., Fu J.S., Levy J.I., Using the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model to estimate public health impacts of PM2.5 from individual power plants, Environmental International, 68 (2014) 200-208.

  • Wen X., Hu D., Dong X., Fu Y., Tan D., Li Z., Liang Y., Xiang D., Shen S., Hu C., Cao B. (2014), An object-oriented daytime land fog detection approach based on NDFI and fractional dimension using EOS/MODIS data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35:13, 4865-4880.

  • Huang, K., Fu J.S., Gao Y., Dong X., Zhuang G.S., Lin Y.F., Role of sectoral and multi-pollutant emission control strategies in improving atmospheric visibility in the Yangtze River Delta, China, 2014, Atmospheric Environment, 184: 426-434.

  • Dong X., Gao Y., Fu J.S., Li J., Huang K., Zhuang G.S., Zhou Y., Probe into gaseous pollution and assessment of air quality benefit under sector dependent emission control strategies over megacities in Yangtze River Delta, China, 2013, Atmospheric Environment, 79: 841-852.

  • Zhao B., Wang S.X., Dong X., Wang J.D., Duan L., Fu X., Hao J.M., Fu J.S., Environmental effects of the recent emission changes in China: implications for particulate matter pollution and soil acidification, 2013, Environmental Research Letters, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/2/024031.

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  • Fu, J. S., Dong X., Y. Gao, Y. F. Lam, D. Wong, Sensitivity and Linearity Analysis of Ozone in East Asia: the Effects of Domestic Emission and Intercontinental Transport, 2012, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 62(9), 1102-14.